How To Make Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (With The Mother)

Apple cider vinegar is considered on the most magical ingredients in the world. It boasts many health benefits, but can also be used to rinse hair for a beautiful shine and applied topically to treat various skin conditions.

Apple cider vinegar is available to purchase from many supermarkets but did you know you can make your own batch at home for the fraction of the cost and without all the artificial flavoring and chemicals?

Before we show you how to make your own apple cider vinegar, here is an informative infographic by Gut Health Project showing it’s amazing health benefits and why you need this bottle in your home.

Apple Cider Vinegar Health Benefits
infographic via Gut Health Project

This homemade recipe we are about to show you contains only three simple ingredients: organic apples, raw honey and filtered water.

Homemade Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe


  • Organic apples
  • Water
  • Organic raw sugar


Wash the apples thoroughly, then slice them into small chunk nicely. The apple skin, stem, and seeds are fine to use in this recipe. Make sure to fill your jar with apple chops to about 3/4 full and not the whole way.

Place the apples in a glass jar and add in the sugar as well (roughly 1 heaping teaspoon per apple).

Fill up the jar with water to about 3/4 full covering the apple chops.

Stir to make sure it is well-mixed.

Cover with gauze and leave in room temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius.

In 7-10 days you will notice a sour odor coming from the jar, this is completely normal and part of the fermentation process.

In about 4 weeks your homemade apple cider vinegar should be ready. Strain the liquid out into a separate jar and leave out the apple bits.


The sugar is essential for the fermentation and will completely be lost in the final product.

It is best to keep the jar in a place other than the kitchen as the sour odor can be noticeable.

Watch the full video below to learn how to make organic apple cider vinegar!

Homemade organic apple cider vinegar recipe (with mother). ACV is a great detox drink with many health benefits.